On Books

“Once you learn the answers, you can never unlearn them”

p. 470 American Gods
Neil Gaiman


The fragility of the moment has been discussed and described many times, but it is only real when it is staring at you, when you see it coming towards you and when it has just passed you before a breath was taken

Writing about memory and nostalgia has also become redundant in today’s art community, yet the totality of one’s art making is undoubtedly based on some sort of remembrance; After all, as Plato wrote, we always knew things, now we live to remember them.

The totality of my work is also about the people met, the places visited, both those which went unnoticed and those engraved in the mind. This ephemera of memories and feelings mean that things intertwine. Suddenly, both the people who left a mark and the moments that are completely forgotten take part of that ephemera.

The transparencies not only refer to the fragility of these moments but they also suggest something that was almost there, that one somewhat sees. And in its attempt to be suggestive and indescribable, and in its attempt to be a veil on reality, It become more real than ever. Simply because memories –being ‘past’ in essence- are more real in their absence.